I am a fan of all furry things, but dogs are my absolute favorite.
There’s enough happiness, mischief and play in those puppy eyes to brighten any day. And sometimes, when everything else seems to fail me, seeing the pure smile of a dog and can’t help but cheer me up.
You know exactly what I mean. You’ve got one too.
Almost always I can look to my side and see a 50 lb orange wagging ball of love waiting for a belly rub. His name is Cooper.
I want to show your best friend’s verve and love through my photos, and hopefully they elate you the same as me.
That face, those goofy smiles, furry facial expressions, and happy tail-wags that make your world a better place. 
So, I am here to pause those brilliant, happy moments in time and give you the ability to hold on to them forever.
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